California Skies

California skies

far away from here

and the mood I'm in 

seems to change with the tide

I'll follow the antagonist

just to gain the lead again

but I know that sometimes

I'll feel like going back

Was it you I saw 

in my dreams last night

while I was drifting through the oceans

going through the motions of another life

and if I could start again I wouldn't try

to change a thing

Well the moments come and go

and I need some clarity

about when the time will be right

to make a change

I'm working on myself for now

trying to learn the ways around

being the man I always 

dreamed I'd be

But if I keep looking back 

I'll be running blind

if I could write a postcard

send it to before I got these scars

you could bring me the pen

but I don't think I'd know the words

to change who I am

Well I'll pass by the sailors

drifting out into the night

to chase down a wavelength

that'll rest my soul

And if I give all my time

to this love I have

if I could write a melody

something that you'll sing

as you go on your way

then I'd know I was right

when I realized the other day

that I wouldn't change a thing