Morning Light

The evening paints its colors bold

to keep the sun

from letting the image fade

I remember walking through the woods

If heaven's the prize and we are the players

how can you tell

we haven't already won

cause you never know what you have until it's gone

And now the moment comes when

everything is clear

but the words you say fall short of what you hear

and now I'm starting to think that 

fate has the upper hand

and controls more than we can understand

but my will is strong today

Keep in mind that before this is over

all I wish is to see how far we've come

but to reach that view

we have to learn to move on

There is a bit of truth

that we tend to leave behind with our youth

less is more and tomorrow can't be claimed

because the wind can shift and redefine your name

So take it all in stride

and find out what will make you greet the morning light

clear your eyes so the truth can be seen

between the peaks and valleys I know we'll find

just what it means to be