On My Own

Hoping for sunshine bright

over my head and over yours

to spot each other walking away

when it's dark out and when it's cold

Hoping for some piece of mind

to find the girl with the brightest eyes

but if the roots take hold before they're pulled away

would you follow if we could leave here tonight

if we could leave here tonight

Or am I better off on my own

running down

taking off these worn out shoes

and homeward bound

is playing soft on the radio

nothing to do today but change my mind

will I be breathing the east coast in ten years time

Now I hear the echoes loud and clear

off the mountains and it crossed my mind

that they're coming back with different words

yeah and they're saying do you realize

do you realize

That all this time you could have been

enjoying the view

instead of waiting for that ship to come

but now it's too late

there's only so much that can be done

well I'm reaching out and keeping close

all the things I've learned

defining who I am before the page is turned

A year from now who knows where I'll be

no words or walls too high

could ever keep me

and it seems like I have what it takes for living free

and I wouldn't have it any other way

Remember me

for going further than we dared to go

and how we grew up to find

there's always grass here beneath the snow

I'll be around for just another day or two

well I don't know where I'm going

but I'll see you there soon